Monday, 26 April 2010

Beautiful Blue

I came across this living room a while back via Material Girls, and i have to say, I love everything about this room. Can i please move in? I love the ikat style upholstery on the white chairs, zebra rug, gorgeous floor lamps and the elements of slick glossy black.

I also love a dark inky blue too

Friday, 23 April 2010

Through the Keyhole: Caitlin Wilson's home

I had these gorgeous images saved for a rainy day, but i just keep going back to this home in Dubai belonging to the lovely Caitlin Wilson, Interior Designer and fellow blogger.
This is style in a semi small space, and she has got it going on! There's so much I adore above this living room - from the chevron feauture wall, Chiang Mai Dragon cushions & Riad cushions to the pretty turquoise table lamp bases.

images via MadebyGirl, click here for more stunning images.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


The search is still on for a pair of gorgeous table lamps... The one above has the Imperial Trellis style lamp shade and gorgeous glass base from Graham & Green (as are the 3 below). Having taken a second look, the lamp bases and lamp shades are sold separately, but it is worth spending just that little more on lighting, seeing as it is going to a piece that's going to last. Follow this link here to check out more gorgeous lamp shade.

I've always liked the idea of a glass stacked ball base - the one above is by Homebase at the bargain price of £39, although House of Fraser also stock something similar but with glass balls ascending in size at £25.

I also quite fancy a tripod style lamp - possibly one with longer legs to sit a very awkward corner of our living room, the one above is by Habitat (base only). A touch of chrome goes a long way, which is why i really like the other two above, although very different in styles! The last image above is the Paris lamp by Homebase - quite Hollywood if i might say so. Hmmmm, i want them all.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Craftista project

I have this little old thing that's in serious need of a makeover... so here's the beginning of a little craftista project involving fabric paint, a photocopy of a print i love (this one is by designer Trina Turk) and some serious patience.
I love all the bold and abstract prints out there including the infamous chevron zig zag print and was wowed by the FSchumacher modern collection of fabrics but don't have the patience for a long distance delivery and also a rather fetching price tag so wanted to 'DIM' (Do it myself) instead.
I printed out the rough size of the print i wanted and stuck it to my window with the fabric on top - both held by masking tape.
Annoyingly this isn't the right kind of fabric to paint on as it's brushed and has little bumps so painting on it will not be easy. I outlined the pattern using fabric chalk and got painting!
Not finished yet, but will post the 'After' shot another time when it's completed.

Recipe for Success

I'm an avid cook but with a terrible memory for remembering quantities and stuff for recipes, so i always have to refer to the recipe itself when making/baking/cooking something. These images struck me as an awesome idea for displaying recipes whilst cooking though! The blackboard one is brilliant - that way you won't have to keep peeking at the recipe book -mine is filled with semi grubby finger prints and sauce drips!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Love it: Subway Roll Destination Signs

I remember watching 'Monster-in-Law' not so long ago and really loved the framed 7 foot Subway roll sign featured next to the doorway, along with Jane Fonda going nuts & passing out in a plate of food of course!
Roll signs, destination blind or indicator blind were used as a mechanical display used to indicate a transport vehicle's route number and destination. The most popular ones you'll find are the old subway trains and buses that have been reproduced as framed art, gotta love it!
I managed to find this website which sells vintage New York Subway Signs and also this website who also sell home-ware accessories/furniture with subway roll signs emblazoned all over!

You have to love something even more when it's plastered across this wing chair and the super cool cushions below! I also ended up looking at different fonts to create the roll signs - business commercial is apparently the identical font used but close runners up include Arial and also Helvetica.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Getting organised again

This morning I woke up and felt like the whole apartment was a mess after flicking through the gorgeous pages of the new Lonny Magazine. I know that before any shoot takes place in someones home, it's perfectly re-organised down to a T with some elements of personal & cluttering items removed... my question is, for those who have either just moved houses is where on earth do you put things/stow things away when they just don't fit into your home?
Most people have a garage or a storage cabinet in their home (like the area surrounding your boiler or wardrobe in the entryway/hallway), but we don't have any of those options.
Do you chuck all those big old boxes which once transported your precious 40" TV away, or boxes from brand new items away and just keep the manuals? Or have you got them stashed away nicely somewhere? Over at Deliciously Organised Carlee did a great post on how to prevent 'an avalanche waiting to happen' incident especially if you have an over crammed area either in your wardrobe, closet, cupboard that might just collapse or explode because you've over-stuffed it. We've all been there - i certainly have, and it's interesting to find dust and well all sorts of interestingness once you de-clutter. Check out her post on making a DIY clothed cabinet - the non sew easy easy way.
Carlee's cabinet with boxes labelled and stowed away behind the fabric.

Sneaky peek of floral fabric - pretty isn't it?

Aha - So that's what's hiding beneath the fabric!
images via Deliciously Organised

image 1 via Lonny

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Through the Keyhole: Style guru - Patricia Field

Oh my, I was so excited to see that the Timesonline had featured costume designer (Sex and the City) and Stylist to the stars, Patricia Field's home. With all that fabulous red hair and go get it attitude and of course outrageous but fantastic bold fashion sense I knew to expect nothing less than a home that simply dazzles! Her home in China Town, New York reflects everything that she is, those glass tiles are painted with a mural - not sure if she did it herself, but the colours are wow!

There's so much going on in the living room but i love it, her love for colour & boldness is very evident throughout her apartment and behind those mirrored walls is Pat's bedroom. The rest of the house is quite theatrical, but i guess that derives the ethos & styling advice she has - "Think of yourself as an actress on a stage. Today, your stage might be the office. How do you see yourself and how do you want to be seen by the people you work with? Visualise yourself in your outfit and the image you will be creating."

I thought this was another room, but taking a second look it's a bathroom!

This a perfect little spot for Pat to do some creative thinking...a brick bay lined in sequins!
All images via Timesonline & interior sources can be found here.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Random pretty cool things

Once in a while I like to pop into Oliver Bonas for pretty pretty things, be it clothes, stylish cards, homeware goodies, stationary & books, you name it, they have it.
This month I'm adoring their Pavillion bird wallpaper, totally quirky cool newspaper print chips and sauce holder, Blyton picnic hamper and oak storage boxes with butterfly style clasp.

I totally love this! Remember back in the day when they wrapped fish n' chips in newspaper?

Retro chic!

images via Oliver Bonas

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Outdoor Style

You know how i'm obsessed with all things Platner style, well check out these beauties for your patio! Aren't they just gorgeous? This Greek company sells cool outdoorsy furniture in style.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Style on a budget

It's been kind of sunny of late, so I'm back to dreaming of all things outdoorsy. A few things that caught my eye is stylish outdoor living on the cheap. Well kind of. I had previously saved some links to Greek suppliers/companies that sell amazing outdoor furniture, but since I upgraded my Firefox, all my bookmarks were lost and it's not easy remembering a Greek company - spelling issues!!! I'll do my best to source what I lost back again in a future post.
Anyhow, Supermarket giant Tesco (UK) are selling a rather functional yet stylish Rattan set with glass top table at 500 quid - not bad i say.
What's cool about this number is that you can push the chairs right under the table, concealing the chairs, see below!

The other shocker for me was that fashion retailer Next was also selling garden/outdoor furniture that is actually really stylish. I'm digging the hanging egg chair and super cheap sun loungers in pretty colours!

Next seem to be on the right track at the moment as their entire home collection rocks. It's great that you can get various home interior styles on without breaking the bank and have it all delivered to your home too.

Sunloungers from Next - £25

Friday, 2 April 2010

Friday Favourites!

These images are what's rocking at the moment! From gorgeous wallpaper, stunning dramatic foyers, slick family rooms, French country style rooms and more rustic Scandinavian style interiors.
I'm just discovering a few favourite people too, Jonathan Berger (use of colour) and Miles Redd (always brilliant when it comes to wallpaper choices& producing a very distinct look)- I love their style!

Gorgeous foyer or what? I love all the elements that this image embraces including the Garden wallpaper & of course the deep turquoise garden stool! Foyer design above & moody, slick living room below by Miles Redd

If it weren't for my current obsession with turquoise right now, this dramatic pink foyer would be top of the list. Love it! Design by Jonathan Berger (including family room below)

There's another side of me that loves cozy, simplicity, rustic elegance, neutral tones & country style living. I think my getaway home or holiday home on an island would have elements of these images. Am loving how the framed images are displayed on the shelf high up, the exposed bricking below with flashes of turquoise and the furnace/fireplace in the living room below.

This foyer designed by Susan Ferrier, I love a warm pink tones, the cozy & welcoming entrance with the addition of the 17th century chair - a very cool feature indeed.

all images via House Beautiful


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