Friday, 30 October 2009

Linea Studio - Interior Design consultancy UK

Today we're introducing you to and old college acquaintance, Kathryn Tyler who has established an extremely successful Interior Design Consultancy in Cornwall, UK. I always thought she'd flourish in the area of design, be it fashion, art, styling, graphics and interiors as she always oozed creative talent. Linea Studio works on varying commercial and residential projects across the UK be it small scale or multi million pound developments with a predominant amount of work based locally in Cornwall.
Previous projects include, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools, townhouses and office spaces, selected images as below.

all images via: Kathryn Tyler & Linea Studio

Contact Linea Studio:
t: +44 (0) 1236 318 138

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Inside Rachel Zoe's studio & socialite Oliva Palermo's closet

Rachel Zoe for those who don't know is the seriously famous stylist to the stars, dressing the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Mischa Barton and other young actresses alike. Perhaps I ought to mention they were also known as 'Zoe-bots', or mini versions/clones of the stylist herself. Here's what the Timesonline has to say about her & the link for last Twitter Q & A from fans in the Timesonline. I'm simply re-posting this for those who missed out on the craze of when Rachel launched 'The Rachel Zoe Project' earlier this year and when the Huffington Post shared some snapshots of her studio to the world. Great space, with quite literally a sea of shoes and rails and rails of designer clothes.
Rachel Zoe's closet

images vai: Huffington Post & Hooked on Houses

For those who are obsessed with MTV's 'The City' show and need a regular fashion fix hit, the person to watch is the ever stylish Olivia Palermo. She's young, super rich (I mean who at her age seriously owns $2 million worth of clothes?) and I read somewhere that she wanted to be an actress.

image via: NY post

The closet was previously an office space in Olivia's brand spanking new Leonard street, Tribeca apartment, which she had transformed into a walk in wardrobe by the Container Store's Elfa system. Not too shabby indeed.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Preparing for an Emergency

This is too funny not to share with you all. We stumbled across super cool graphic designer Eric Hollings fabulous design concept and packaging for some playful and essential first aid for various scenarios.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Update: Hot hotels

Currently on our love list are these two super stylish hotels with delicious interiors. The St. Regis in Washington, USA is simply stunning and only a hop, skip and a jump away from the White House. Apparently the butlers are armed with Blackberry's should you wish to email over a request, they will indeed fulfill it in a moments notice, brilliant or what?
There are plenty of rooms and 25 suites decked out in old world glamour and the divine hotel restaurant ain't too shabby either.

I received an email over the weekend from Design Hotels and immediately I recognised the style of the hotel room staring at me... It reminded me of The Knightsbridge Hotel and also similar style of The Soho Hotel. It was blaringly obvious that the Kemps had spread their stylish hotel wings to bring us Crosby Street Hotel.

The Crosby Hotel is somewhat special as Tim and Kit Kemp (of the Firmdale Group) put their signature style stamp with their very first American hotel in New York. It used to be an former parking lot and a whole lot of nothingness in downtown, New York. They literally built this chic 11-story hotel from scratch, adding a dash of glamour to the SoHo neighbourhood.

Lobby, St. Regis

Presidential Suite Parlour, St. Regis

Love the wallpaper! Presidential suite, St. Regis

Presidential Suite bedroom, St. Regis

John Jacob suite, St. Regis

Astor Parlour Terrace, St. Regis

View from Crosby Street Hotel

I love the colour combo here with a flash of silver

Suite at Crosby Street Hotel

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Luxe living - Dream California pad

We're still reeling over how amazing this plush pad is. After stumbling across a very witty and incredibly savvy blog about celebrity pads and high-end living (not completely believable of course and content nothing short of a dash of tongue n' cheek) - The Real Estalker, we found this super styled and well built bit of brick by Xten Atchitecture.
So who did this luxe Hollywood Hills house belong too? Only someone whose pockets are clearly packed with cash, Randolph Duke, dress designer to the celebs. According to The Real Estalker, this house has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, is located on
Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles, CA and price? A staggering $8,250,000! In today's money: 5,492,665.84 euros. Yikes.
We don't really need to go into too much detail here, as the photo's say it all. The last few images are of Randolph Duke's home and his personal touches.

All Images via: Xten Architecture

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bookshelf, bookcase & book piling inspiration

A bookcase/shelf is not the only place to plonk your books or magazine... there are far more fun & imaginative ideas to play with. Epiplo Aris have selected some inspirational images for organising your book space and to show you what else can be done. We've come across the EXPEDIT bookshelf Ikea, which is cheap and cheerful and can be used to divide a room space, be backed with colourful printed paper, be a place to feature your books as well a place for still life display.

A very helpful guide to perfecting a bookshelf comes from House to Home - a brilliant website for expert advice on decorating your home and plenty of ideas.

Statement pieces
Create visual impact by displaying white ceramics with a strong silhouette against bold-coloured shelving.

Attractive storage
Keep receipts, appliance manuals and paperwork in pretty boxes.

Personal favourites
Family photographs add character, while treasured objects make attractive bookends.

Still-life displays
Small posies of colourful flowers give a seasonal feel, while empty vases can lend accent colour.

By the book
Sort out your reading matter by subject, colour of spine and size. Creating vertical stacks as well as horizontal rows will help to add variety.

Added extras
When not in use, items such as place mats and candlesticks can be used to create interest.


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