Thursday 29 October 2009

Inside Rachel Zoe's studio & socialite Oliva Palermo's closet

Rachel Zoe for those who don't know is the seriously famous stylist to the stars, dressing the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, Mischa Barton and other young actresses alike. Perhaps I ought to mention they were also known as 'Zoe-bots', or mini versions/clones of the stylist herself. Here's what the Timesonline has to say about her & the link for last Twitter Q & A from fans in the Timesonline. I'm simply re-posting this for those who missed out on the craze of when Rachel launched 'The Rachel Zoe Project' earlier this year and when the Huffington Post shared some snapshots of her studio to the world. Great space, with quite literally a sea of shoes and rails and rails of designer clothes.
Rachel Zoe's closet

images vai: Huffington Post & Hooked on Houses

For those who are obsessed with MTV's 'The City' show and need a regular fashion fix hit, the person to watch is the ever stylish Olivia Palermo. She's young, super rich (I mean who at her age seriously owns $2 million worth of clothes?) and I read somewhere that she wanted to be an actress.

image via: NY post

The closet was previously an office space in Olivia's brand spanking new Leonard street, Tribeca apartment, which she had transformed into a walk in wardrobe by the Container Store's Elfa system. Not too shabby indeed.

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