Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chic Wardrobes Ideas

A while back I saw some of these gorgeous images on Instyle and much later more 'walk-in wardrobe' ideas over at Habitually Chic. It's high time I got started on re-organising my closet space. Some of these images are so dreamy and definitely an inspiration to help kick start the act of 'chuck, cherish & charity' the bits in my wardrobe.
For selfish reasons, i'd love a room, with full on chandeliers, intricate wallpaper, a large antique style mirror & plenty of space to pile away all the shoes, bags, clothes i've hoarded from my days in fashion, but i'm not so sure what the Mr. would say. Right now there just isn't that kind of space or freedom to let the creative wardrobe juices fly. Sigh...

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Slinky sinks

First of all, we've got to congratulate Eddie Ross on his magnificent triumph over at Apartment Therapy's Big Window Challenge for Bloomingdales. Well done & Rock on! What he did for his window was amazing! See here for more details/pics.

Next up, I'm not really kitchen kinda person, but having moved on up to being a much more domestic goddess, i've found that i've spent a lot more time in the kitchen...well kitchen sink actually. Not a current owner of a dishwasher, i'm quite lucky to have a double sink. Mines pretty ordinary and sits well with how the kitchens been designed.
Had I had the opportunity to re-design the kitchen or bathroom i'd definitely be more up for a mixing textures and adding more va va voom in the design department. I saw these stunning sinks over at Native Trails. Brushed nickel kinda adds the cool factor no?

Friday, 22 January 2010

Eddie Ross & Elle Decor's Big Window Challenge

There are basically 3 designers taking part in this rather exciting Big Window Challenge which Apartment Therapy is holding. These talented people have to design a window for Bloomingdale's flagship store in Manhattan, favourite one wins! I've been particularly bowled over Eddie Ross gorgeous feminine styling for the Modern Woman and couldn't resist but vote for him. The design is exactly what I would go for, I particularly love the mixing and matching of the cushions, prints, the antique touches here and there, the Chinoiserie & a dash of pink!

I love this little bar area and the detailing with brass flowers and silverware.
All images via Eddie Ross

Isn't it just fabulous? To vote for Eddie Ross (apparently you can vote twice a day!) click here.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Through the keyhole: Home Tour

I love a good sneak peek into other peoples homes, as they reveal quite a lot about that person, their personal taste and style. This will be one of the first in the series, as there'll be plenty more cool interiors to show off in upcoming posts. I love this home, which I came across on the fabulous Design Sponge, who has a whole archive of home tours and lots of inspiration too. The home I've plucked out is that of Gemma Ahern one part of UK design duo ATELIER Abigail Ahern, you can find the link to DS post here. The bookcase wallpaper (thought it was real for a moment) and crazy fluoro pink coffee table set amongst the charcoal tones...we sure do like!

Had you all fooled that it was a real bookcase right?

All images via Design Sponge

Friday, 15 January 2010

Chic Retreats January 2010


Let's here you breathe a deep sigh, isn't this picture just something? If you fancy a rather distant trek to the other side of the world, New Zealand is the place. Cape Kidnapper's is located in the Southeast region of Hawkes Bay on the North Island. You can play golf, chill out at the spa or go for really long scenic walks. The cottage and lodgings are spacious and the decor has a rustic yet elegant touch. The neutral tones, fireplace, large bedrooms offer you maximum comfort, just what you need after a long walk.

All images via Cape Kidnapper's

Thursday, 14 January 2010

We heart Kelly Hoppen

Today, we were mesmerized by Kelly Hoppens' Interior projects that'll more than tickle your tastebuds. One of my personal favourites is this seductive living room below in Chepstow, London.

Lush outdoor living

The images below are from Kelly Hoppens Loft interior projects

Don't you just love the monochrome & animal mix
all images via Kelly Hoppen

Monday, 11 January 2010

Pretty cool things

If you think it's time to update your kitchen cupboards or any of your cupboards for a matter of fact on the cheap, this is a sure fire way of making it happen.
We're loving these cupboards door knobs below, a variety from John Lewis and also Architectural Classics.

The below are a selection from John Lewis, UK

These little beauties from J Lewis range from anything as little as £2.50 to £8.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Out with the old & In with the new

Bring on 2010! It'll be a year filled with exciting new things for sure. Epiplo Aris have been working on a series of projects over the Christmas & New Year period, hence the lack of posts. However, we are back and this time we have sourced a number of cool bits we've seen across the globe. First up is Jimmie Martin, a very cool, cutting-edge design company that's renowned for their graffiti inspired wallpaper and one-off pieces with a touch of graffiti. Key pieces from their showcase include sideboards, display cabinets and also chairs of all varieties, one of our faves is this one below from their collection.

Jimmie Karlsson's (one half of the design duo's) stylish abode

Entire 'White turns me on' graffiti wall covering.

Another uber hot company that's certainly turns us on is super cool Wallpaper Studio Nama Rococo. We're loving their artsy, colourful & pretty wallpaper and the fact that they simply believe that wallpaper can be a musical element, if that is true i'd say that their beautiful wallpaper screams Mika. Only acid free French paper is used and all their designs are hand pained or hand screened, hmmm we like their style, what do you think? Pretty, pretty cool stuff no?

Series of Nama Rococo's 'French dot' wallpaper repeated & enlarged below

Little butterfly loop wallpaper by Nama Rococo.

Tokyo & Vine wallpaper by Nama Rococo
All images via Jimmie Martin & Nama Rococo


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