Saturday, 17 April 2010

Love it: Subway Roll Destination Signs

I remember watching 'Monster-in-Law' not so long ago and really loved the framed 7 foot Subway roll sign featured next to the doorway, along with Jane Fonda going nuts & passing out in a plate of food of course!
Roll signs, destination blind or indicator blind were used as a mechanical display used to indicate a transport vehicle's route number and destination. The most popular ones you'll find are the old subway trains and buses that have been reproduced as framed art, gotta love it!
I managed to find this website which sells vintage New York Subway Signs and also this website who also sell home-ware accessories/furniture with subway roll signs emblazoned all over!

You have to love something even more when it's plastered across this wing chair and the super cool cushions below! I also ended up looking at different fonts to create the roll signs - business commercial is apparently the identical font used but close runners up include Arial and also Helvetica.

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