Sunday 31 January 2010

Chic Wardrobes Ideas

A while back I saw some of these gorgeous images on Instyle and much later more 'walk-in wardrobe' ideas over at Habitually Chic. It's high time I got started on re-organising my closet space. Some of these images are so dreamy and definitely an inspiration to help kick start the act of 'chuck, cherish & charity' the bits in my wardrobe.
For selfish reasons, i'd love a room, with full on chandeliers, intricate wallpaper, a large antique style mirror & plenty of space to pile away all the shoes, bags, clothes i've hoarded from my days in fashion, but i'm not so sure what the Mr. would say. Right now there just isn't that kind of space or freedom to let the creative wardrobe juices fly. Sigh...

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