Saturday 30 January 2010

Slinky sinks

First of all, we've got to congratulate Eddie Ross on his magnificent triumph over at Apartment Therapy's Big Window Challenge for Bloomingdales. Well done & Rock on! What he did for his window was amazing! See here for more details/pics.

Next up, I'm not really kitchen kinda person, but having moved on up to being a much more domestic goddess, i've found that i've spent a lot more time in the kitchen...well kitchen sink actually. Not a current owner of a dishwasher, i'm quite lucky to have a double sink. Mines pretty ordinary and sits well with how the kitchens been designed.
Had I had the opportunity to re-design the kitchen or bathroom i'd definitely be more up for a mixing textures and adding more va va voom in the design department. I saw these stunning sinks over at Native Trails. Brushed nickel kinda adds the cool factor no?

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