Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Shades of Blue

I know I've posted this image before, but it lovely, love the turq chest!

Feeling a little blue and under the weather today, so hence the blue overdrive.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Booky Bonanza: Stylish cool bookcases

Mikardo bookshelf by Compangnie, Life Style Bazaar

During a relatively chilled weekend & I caught an episode of
'Castle' which is quite rare as I don't tend to follow this show and usually TV is my background noise whenever the boring house duties are carried out. Anyhow, I was struck by the Amnesia struck victim in 'Castle' whose apartment just rocked. Refer to 'Castle' 2, episode 11. Anyhow this guys apartment had one very hip diagonal bookcase very similar to the one below by Moletamunro but with equal spacing. I love this bookcase which is also seen as a cool, modern free standing solution for storing just about everything else too. Available in an oak veneer finish and also other stains. Me like a lot!
Since the obsession with diagonal bookcases and storage, i've scoured the net for more stylish booky solutions, enjoy! All the website below are seriously amazing, you'll want to buy everything up, all the pieces are so drool worthy!

Contraforma Quad 3 storage by Moletamunro

Perec Wall hung shelf by Nest

Infamous Sapien book shelf by Design within Reach
I have to admit i really love this free standing vertical piece. I first saw this in the home makeover of someones blog - Love it!

DC 200 oak veneer storage by Chaplins

Book Tower 2 by Chaplins

Pattern Bookshelf by Chaplins

Friday, 19 February 2010

Back to basics: Rustic wood

My dearest friend and her significant other half have upgraded and bought a bigger, better house (not flat) with huge garden in the 'burbs'. Why the move? Well they're getting hitched this year and the next most natural move or should I say process is that of the small pitter patter of feet. But... actually they just simply want a bigger home and get out of the big smoke. Filling the new home is going be exciting, so I can't wait to see what they're doing with all that space. One of the things on their list of must-have is a rustic dining set made from reclaimed wood by It's gorgeous definitely makes for a cosy, classic & timeless statement piece! There are few more dreamy images I came across for a more contemporary rustic mood.

Antique Baker's Table

Gorgeous Rustic Library with French Shutters

Mixing wood, a living room with a rustic contemporary edge.

Loving the farmhouse style 36" sink by Rohl, UK

This little beauty is an oak rimmed, galvanised iron bath tub.

My friends next purchase: Dining set by

Fabulous white kitchen with a good ole chunky butcher's block

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A touch of design

Most fashion design power houses have extended to Home Interiors, which is great, but do they really live up to the name? At the moment, we're loving Versace Home, whose 'modern' ranges of Sofas, chairs & armchairs are so luxe and so must-have-now. The conceptual design, quality and craftsmanship is all there, plus the signature Versace style (look closely on their site and you'll see the logo) & we love that they also offer an interior styling/design service too.

Versace Curve chair
Versace Maia bucket style chair

The images below are not by Versace Home, but are also chairs we'd like to own.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Sunny, Stunning upholstery fabrics

East Village in Raspberry

I just adore upholstery fabrics that can really brighten up your day. I should have posted this like last summer when the lovely Jen over at Made By Girl showed some inspirational images of her guest room makeover , but now that the sun is out again I want to inspire you all over again.
I know, I know, I'm probably the last person on earth to blog about Rubie Green, but hey ho... I love the roses print, it reminds me of the old fashion days, when Kookai (Paris) did a rose print collection which flew out of the window, we re-coloured the print for a transitional collection.
My fave does happen to be the Raspberry chevron - East Village though...



above images via Rubie Green

Michelle of Rubie in her lovely home via M.A Belle
To check out Michelle home click here

So, Yay, the sun is shining and spring is surely on the way... This usually means a makeover overhaul for the home, balcony, terrace and outdoor living space. Aside from the must-haves from Rubie Green, we're also loving these colourful, quirky prints by Alan Campbell, China Seas, Home Couture but also referred to as Quadrille. I've seen swatches and random cuttings all over the inspiration boards of many a talented Interior Designer stateside, so that must mean something. I've never really been a huge fan of Ikat prints, but the new 2010 collection, 'Island Ikat' range seems to have caught my eye, I do love bold colour and prints and those dining chairs really need a dash of vibrancy. Must inquire about deliveries to Greece.


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