Monday 22 February 2010

Booky Bonanza: Stylish cool bookcases

Mikardo bookshelf by Compangnie, Life Style Bazaar

During a relatively chilled weekend & I caught an episode of
'Castle' which is quite rare as I don't tend to follow this show and usually TV is my background noise whenever the boring house duties are carried out. Anyhow, I was struck by the Amnesia struck victim in 'Castle' whose apartment just rocked. Refer to 'Castle' 2, episode 11. Anyhow this guys apartment had one very hip diagonal bookcase very similar to the one below by Moletamunro but with equal spacing. I love this bookcase which is also seen as a cool, modern free standing solution for storing just about everything else too. Available in an oak veneer finish and also other stains. Me like a lot!
Since the obsession with diagonal bookcases and storage, i've scoured the net for more stylish booky solutions, enjoy! All the website below are seriously amazing, you'll want to buy everything up, all the pieces are so drool worthy!

Contraforma Quad 3 storage by Moletamunro

Perec Wall hung shelf by Nest

Infamous Sapien book shelf by Design within Reach
I have to admit i really love this free standing vertical piece. I first saw this in the home makeover of someones blog - Love it!

DC 200 oak veneer storage by Chaplins

Book Tower 2 by Chaplins

Pattern Bookshelf by Chaplins

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