Friday 19 February 2010

Back to basics: Rustic wood

My dearest friend and her significant other half have upgraded and bought a bigger, better house (not flat) with huge garden in the 'burbs'. Why the move? Well they're getting hitched this year and the next most natural move or should I say process is that of the small pitter patter of feet. But... actually they just simply want a bigger home and get out of the big smoke. Filling the new home is going be exciting, so I can't wait to see what they're doing with all that space. One of the things on their list of must-have is a rustic dining set made from reclaimed wood by It's gorgeous definitely makes for a cosy, classic & timeless statement piece! There are few more dreamy images I came across for a more contemporary rustic mood.

Antique Baker's Table

Gorgeous Rustic Library with French Shutters

Mixing wood, a living room with a rustic contemporary edge.

Loving the farmhouse style 36" sink by Rohl, UK

This little beauty is an oak rimmed, galvanised iron bath tub.

My friends next purchase: Dining set by

Fabulous white kitchen with a good ole chunky butcher's block

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