Wednesday 14 April 2010

Getting organised again

This morning I woke up and felt like the whole apartment was a mess after flicking through the gorgeous pages of the new Lonny Magazine. I know that before any shoot takes place in someones home, it's perfectly re-organised down to a T with some elements of personal & cluttering items removed... my question is, for those who have either just moved houses is where on earth do you put things/stow things away when they just don't fit into your home?
Most people have a garage or a storage cabinet in their home (like the area surrounding your boiler or wardrobe in the entryway/hallway), but we don't have any of those options.
Do you chuck all those big old boxes which once transported your precious 40" TV away, or boxes from brand new items away and just keep the manuals? Or have you got them stashed away nicely somewhere? Over at Deliciously Organised Carlee did a great post on how to prevent 'an avalanche waiting to happen' incident especially if you have an over crammed area either in your wardrobe, closet, cupboard that might just collapse or explode because you've over-stuffed it. We've all been there - i certainly have, and it's interesting to find dust and well all sorts of interestingness once you de-clutter. Check out her post on making a DIY clothed cabinet - the non sew easy easy way.
Carlee's cabinet with boxes labelled and stowed away behind the fabric.

Sneaky peek of floral fabric - pretty isn't it?

Aha - So that's what's hiding beneath the fabric!
images via Deliciously Organised

image 1 via Lonny

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