Wednesday 20 January 2010

Through the keyhole: Home Tour

I love a good sneak peek into other peoples homes, as they reveal quite a lot about that person, their personal taste and style. This will be one of the first in the series, as there'll be plenty more cool interiors to show off in upcoming posts. I love this home, which I came across on the fabulous Design Sponge, who has a whole archive of home tours and lots of inspiration too. The home I've plucked out is that of Gemma Ahern one part of UK design duo ATELIER Abigail Ahern, you can find the link to DS post here. The bookcase wallpaper (thought it was real for a moment) and crazy fluoro pink coffee table set amongst the charcoal tones...we sure do like!

Had you all fooled that it was a real bookcase right?

All images via Design Sponge

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