Thursday 22 October 2009

Bookshelf, bookcase & book piling inspiration

A bookcase/shelf is not the only place to plonk your books or magazine... there are far more fun & imaginative ideas to play with. Epiplo Aris have selected some inspirational images for organising your book space and to show you what else can be done. We've come across the EXPEDIT bookshelf Ikea, which is cheap and cheerful and can be used to divide a room space, be backed with colourful printed paper, be a place to feature your books as well a place for still life display.

A very helpful guide to perfecting a bookshelf comes from House to Home - a brilliant website for expert advice on decorating your home and plenty of ideas.

Statement pieces
Create visual impact by displaying white ceramics with a strong silhouette against bold-coloured shelving.

Attractive storage
Keep receipts, appliance manuals and paperwork in pretty boxes.

Personal favourites
Family photographs add character, while treasured objects make attractive bookends.

Still-life displays
Small posies of colourful flowers give a seasonal feel, while empty vases can lend accent colour.

By the book
Sort out your reading matter by subject, colour of spine and size. Creating vertical stacks as well as horizontal rows will help to add variety.

Added extras
When not in use, items such as place mats and candlesticks can be used to create interest.

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