Thursday 22 April 2010


The search is still on for a pair of gorgeous table lamps... The one above has the Imperial Trellis style lamp shade and gorgeous glass base from Graham & Green (as are the 3 below). Having taken a second look, the lamp bases and lamp shades are sold separately, but it is worth spending just that little more on lighting, seeing as it is going to a piece that's going to last. Follow this link here to check out more gorgeous lamp shade.

I've always liked the idea of a glass stacked ball base - the one above is by Homebase at the bargain price of £39, although House of Fraser also stock something similar but with glass balls ascending in size at £25.

I also quite fancy a tripod style lamp - possibly one with longer legs to sit a very awkward corner of our living room, the one above is by Habitat (base only). A touch of chrome goes a long way, which is why i really like the other two above, although very different in styles! The last image above is the Paris lamp by Homebase - quite Hollywood if i might say so. Hmmmm, i want them all.

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