Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Craftista project

I have this little old thing that's in serious need of a makeover... so here's the beginning of a little craftista project involving fabric paint, a photocopy of a print i love (this one is by designer Trina Turk) and some serious patience.
I love all the bold and abstract prints out there including the infamous chevron zig zag print and was wowed by the FSchumacher modern collection of fabrics but don't have the patience for a long distance delivery and also a rather fetching price tag so wanted to 'DIM' (Do it myself) instead.
I printed out the rough size of the print i wanted and stuck it to my window with the fabric on top - both held by masking tape.
Annoyingly this isn't the right kind of fabric to paint on as it's brushed and has little bumps so painting on it will not be easy. I outlined the pattern using fabric chalk and got painting!
Not finished yet, but will post the 'After' shot another time when it's completed.

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