Monday 22 March 2010

Wall Murals, beautiful portraits & more

Miss Wong

I've been saving some inspiration images for a while now, but over the weekend I've had a bit of art addiction. Mainly because there are still some blank spaces needing to be filled, only i don't know what with. I've been a bit of a 'hoarder' as opposed to 'collector' of beautiful prints/post cards from all over the world over the years, which has at least complimented some spaces but now that i've seen this awesome company; Surface View and what they can do, I can honestly say i wish i had a back wall like this!

image via Retro To Go

I love this mural of Lady from Orient by Vladimir Tretchikoff

Are you a sucker for Marvel comics or Superheroes?

Or do you prefer something a little more subtle and feminine?

Surface View have an enormous image gallery to choose from and they can pretty much create whatever you need be it a wall mural, blind or custom sized print.

I love this bedroom style and more to the point the portrait on the wall (Burmese Pearl.) I remember seeing that very portrait in my friends apartment years ago along with the one below. It's been years since it's popped up again on various design/interior blogs and on Living Etc Jan 2010 and I just want them soooo badly! They're beautiful and are the works of Sir Gerald Kelly.

Burmese Silk

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