Wednesday 16 March 2011

Music, while you were sleeping

I love gifts, in any form especially presents that have had a lot of thought and effort put into them. So you can imagine my surprise and absolute delight when I received these amazing, state of the art 'Sound Asleep' pillows by Media Strom. You can also purchase these in the UK here (inexpensive!):
or via the US from here:

What's so darn special about them? Well this amazing pillow has built-in speakers so you can plug your ipod, mp3, tv or radio into a special little adaptor lead poking out pf the edge of the pillow and listen to music (within the pillow) before you drift off into a deep sleep.

For those of us who suffer from. insomnia, this is ideal and could help you sleep better, relax if you've had a crazy day in the office or too much going on in your head.
There's no obvious hard bit to suggest there is a speaker in the pillow, it just feel like a normal pillow. Plus the music is subtle and for your ears only!

Subtle connection for your ipod, mp3.

Whoever thought to create this is a genius, i love this!

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