Thursday, 19 November 2009

Birds, Chinoiserie...beautiful stuff

Aren't these images just darn pretty?

The one below is from Style Court, it is a bit old, but still, the Chinoiserie style wallpaper just has that something spectacular. Aparently it was from an old issue of Elle Decoration and is one of De Gournay's fantastic hand painted works of art - i mean anything from wallpaper to fabrics and porcelain. I knew there was something vaguely familiar with this image - should have recognised the signature style from the website of course!

Sorry about the yucky black borders but the text goes skewiff if it's not landscape!

images via De Gournay
Also, loved this chair, isn't it stunning?
image via Ish & Chi blog

I love everything about this image above, so pretty, so feminine.
image via Wifestyles blog

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