Friday 11 September 2009

Prints, prints Prints please

In desperate greyish, rainy times the only thing left to lift the mood from doom and gloom is a serious blast of colour and print.

Colours have that magical power of giving one's mood an uplifting boost, whilst prints add interest to an otherwise plain decor.

As you know we're mad about Marimekko, their new collection is every inch as fabulous and print-a-liscious as their previous collections.

Makuuhuone range of bright and colourful bed linens.

What we're also loving at Epiplo Aris is Heima's wowwy printed furniture from the Happy House range. This lovely 2 seater couch is just to die for and will indeed put a smile on our face.

Gorgeous 2 seater 'Happy Couch'

Sexy secretary desk in various bright colours.
Images via: Heima

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