Tuesday 23 June 2009

We heart Paisley!

You're probably wondering what's been tickling our taste buds this month, well summer is truly upon us and it's time to get our Outdoor living space spruced and spiced up.

This month Epiplo Aris have been focusing on their very own Balcony space which is currently a bit of a blank canvas albeit a few pots of plants. So far, we've got two benches which need cushions.

It was time to do a bit of a recce on outdoor living spaces and also to catch up with our fave design & interior blogs. The little inspiration board above highlights just some of the pictures that caught our attention.

At Marimekko, bold bright prints were high on the agenda for summer. The Catwalk also showed bold prints, lots of colour and as well as a few paisley prints. There's nothing like a modern take on paisley to update a boho mood. We've opted to go with a sky blue coated fabric for the main seating cushion and a bold modern print for the mini, decorative cushions. Below we've captured some perfect outdoor living spaces from Coco+Kelley who has been deciding what to do with her own patio in the States.

Image via Coco + Kelley

Oversized paisley print cushions, yes, i think we'll definitely go with that.
Image via Decorno.

Epiplo Aris current outdoor space on the balcony.

Cushion-less bench!

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