Friday 19 June 2009

Spot print Sofa job

It's been a busy week at Epiplo Aris, Tamir here is working on a clients sofa which is in serious need of updating. A modern Spot print was chosen and Tamir got to work in no time.
Before continuing with padding the wooden framework, we had to check it was still strong and intact. High density foam cushions and also padding were required for the job in hand.

Newly applied padding to the framework, Tamir starts measuring to
determine how much fabric is needed.

Piping for the Sofa

The finished products! Amongst all the other jobs this was completed in record time of 5 days, rather than the usual 3-4weeks. Please note that each job we take on is carried out in-house and every piece has the same high quality craftsmanship.
Our master craftsmen are capable of most anything you can envision.

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